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By erik
i think I'd suggest the Slim. I got to see a 4K and Pro in action yesterday and, while certainly a step up from the standard PS4 and a 1080p TV, I'm not sure the jump is worth the extra cost.That said, if you are planning on upgrading your TV anytime soon, the Pro is probably your best bet what do you think guys??
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By Amrit
I don't think the pro will be worth it. But i did read somewhere about the slim getting support for 5 ghz internet so that might be something to look for.
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By John
I'd rather buy a gtx1060 / 1070 for around the same price and get the enjoyment of smooth gameplay of at least 60fps in all games and not only the ones updated for PS4 Pro.
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By Sita
I would get the PS4 Pro if you can afford it. If not then just pick a PS4 or a slim, doesn't matter which one. I think the slims run a bit cooler but bother are very reliable. I think the originals are more beautiful.
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By Yankee
PS4 Pro is the way to go. We won't see PS5 for at least another 2 years, so Pro is the best way to hold you over till then. I've traded my original PS4 for $150 credit towards Pro at Gamestop, so for $250 I have a much more powerful system.
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