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By erik
about mine Yellow, because it catches your eye and is a very uncommon color. If you have a yellow car it is extremely easy to spot in a parking lot. :mrgreen:
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By Amrit
hmm Green, a little bit of red too, but I've always loved green because it sets off a different vibe from the others.
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By John
Peachy-pinkinsh-orangeish! Everywhere I see that color I can't help but stop and notice. Like when the sun is just starting to come up in the morning, or the colors of peach sunstones or morganite. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
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By Sita
Lilac, because it's a really beautiful color. It's a lightish purple, close to pink kind of. Also because it relaxes me.
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By erik
Blue. It's just a calming color. Plus it makes me think of water, which reminds me of fluid motions and such, that calm me even more.

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