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By Yankee
i think not sure love Vice City however I think what made Vice City so good was how it was set in the 80s. The soundtrack is part of what made this game so good. I just can't imagine a modern Vice City. I mean you can definitely still get a San Andreas feel playing GTA V so I don't doubt that Rockstar would smash it.
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By John
I think there should be 5 cities. Maybe a load screen when you travel to other. People could pick what city they want to live in. I know this is silly and unrealistic but I wish there was more world to explore.
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By Sita
I think I remember hearing something about Vice City 2 but nothing would be confirmed at this stage. GTAO is just too much of a big game now.
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By daljit
I would love an 80's themed GTA 6 in Vice City with two playable characters, one being the criminal and the other being the agent or cop that's trying to catch that criminal.
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By John
If GTA VI is going to be in the city that GTA was created in then it would be in the city of Dundee in Scotland not London
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By erik
Vice City is far and away the most likely but as a potential reservation the location around it simply doesn't have the same diversity that we saw in GTA V, there's a distinct lack of verticality in its surrounding environments.

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