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By pbalsacao
Hello everyone!

I was wondering where other people buy their games.
I'm using where I have recently bought Battlegrounds.

What's yours? :)
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By erik
hmm I'm pretty big fan of and if, in the very rare chance, I want to either preorder a game or buy an almost new game, my experience is that GMG offers the best prices. If you get on their mailing list, they will frequently have 20% off new games.
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By John
I check Nuuvem, because their Brazilian prices can't be beat. If a game isn't sold there, or is region locked, I'll check IsThereAnyDeal for the next cheapest place.
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By johnbelley
Mosty i download it from torrent or direct via IDM. I heard we can buy games on steams but i've never use steam to buy games

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